A driver is charged with the offence of failing to remain at the scene of an accident if the driver does not follow the duties outlined in the Highway Traffic Act which details a driver's obligations when involved in an accident.  

A conviction for failing to remain at the scene of an accident involves the following penalties,

Demerit Points: 7

Fine: From $400 to $2,000
Imprisonment (possible): For 6 months or less
Licence Suspension (possible): For two years or less

Insurance Implications: Insurance companies have different procedures when handling specific types of traffic ticket convictions.  Some of these companies follow the Facility of Association of Ontario's classification of offences.  The Facility Association of Ontario classifies the offence of failure to remain at the scene of an accident as serious which means a conviction carries a 100% increase on the driver's premium.  Keep in mind, however, that all insurance companies differ and thus it would be prudent to research the policies of the particular insurance company you are dealing with.

Failure to remain at the scene of an accident is classified as a serious offence.  If charged with this offence, it would be wise to seek the assistance of a paralegal or law firm.

The duty of a person in charge of a vehicle when an accident occurs as described in the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario is outlined below.
Duty of person in charge of vehicle in case of accident
200.  (1)  Where an accident occurs on a highway, every person in charge of a vehicle or street car that is directly or indirectly involved in the accident shall,
(a) remain at or immediately return to the scene of the accident;
(b) render all possible assistance; and
(c) upon request, give in writing to anyone sustaining loss or injury or to any police officer or to any witness his or her name, address, driver’s licence number and jurisdiction of issuance, motor vehicle liability insurance policy insurer and policy number, name and address of the registered owner of the vehicle and the vehicle permit number. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 200 (1); 1997, c. 12, s. 16.